This is a collection of sacred music entitled "Music Inspired by God." Click on each selection to see see and hear a demo of the full piece. All selections are for choral group with brass quintet and synthesizer accompaniment (except "Bless Us" which is a cappella). You may feel free to download each selection from YouTube. There are no restriction for use as long as you do not sell them.
At the bottom of each selection, you can choose to purchase the sheet music for the selection. This includes (1) A PDF of the score plus instrumental parts or (2) A PDF of the score plus an accompaniment AUDIO file with click track of the selection. Note that "Road to Glory" is an accompaniment VIDEO file with click track. The audio file is a stereo .wav file with one track being the mixed instrumental accompaniment and the other track the click track. Items are delivered via on-line download and licensed for unlimited use. You will receive a link to the items you purchased after your order has cleared through purchasing.

Jabez Prayer

Words and Music by Bruce Peterson. Arranged by Eugene Vasconi. Based on 1st Chronicles 4:10 Jabez Prayer.


With Your Grace

Words and Music by Bruce Peterson. Arranged by Eugene Vasconi. An inspirational anthem about being sustained by grace when all else fails..


This Moment in Time

Words by Pamela Horton. Music and arrangement by Eugene Vasconi. An SSAATTBB celebrating the special time of Christmas filled with love..


Open Up Your Eyes

Words and Music by Bruce Peterson. Arranged by Eugene Vasconi. Your eyes are not really open until they are focused on God..


On the Road to Glory

Composed by Eugene Vasconi. Emotional piece on the last hours of Jesus Christ. A special video has been produced which is available for performance showing. Thanks to the Jesus Film Project for the use of selected footage.


Christ the Lord Is Risen Today

Arranged by Eugene Vasconi. A new arrangement of the standard church hymn with a more modern setting and pensive center section.


Bless Us, Oh Lord

Words and Music by Pamela Horton. Arranged by Eugene Vasconi. It is based on the Jabez prayer but has been modified to be perfect as a choral a cappella church benediction.


OPDERING INFORMATION: You may order the "Music Inspired by God" collection as a CD-ROM or DVD. In keeping with our intention to make this music available for personal use free of charge, the charges for the audio CD and video DVD reflect the cost of production. If you are unable to purchase these discs, please feel free to download the selections from YouTube.

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SPECIAL THANKS to the musicians who assisted with the production of the album:
Soprano - Julia Brown, Alto - Melanie Klingelberger, Tenor - Stephen Ash, Bass - Eugene Vasconi
Trumpet - Jim Gibson, French Horn - Jennifer Essary, Trombone - Josh Essary, Tuba - Clayton Capps

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